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Location, Location, Location…the Hidden Value of a Local Landing Page
Jun 29

Location, Location, Location…the Hidden Value of a Local Landing Page

Do you find yourself searching for products and services nearby? Whether you are searching for a local plumber, restaurant or auto dealership, these are all considered local searches. Research shows that 18% of local smartphone searches led to a purchasewithin a day compared to 7% of non-local searches.

Geographic Importance of Local Landing Pages

Consumers search with location and proximity in mind, local searchers take action, as well as, consumers prefer and act on location-based ads.

Pages created on a website to highlight a geographic aspect of a business for its customers are called local landing pages or city landing pages. These pages are the key to earn organic visibility for local-focused businesses. There are two main types of businesses that local landing pages are most suitable for – service area businesses (SABs) and multi-location brick-and-mortar businesses.

What Type of Local Business are You?

Service area businesses serve a variety of cities surrounding the city in which they are physically located. An example of a single-location service area business is a mobile car-wash and detailing company that travels to clients in a 20-mile radius. You have a dedicated street address and phone number, but clients do not come to you. Since these businesses are unlikely to earn local pack rankings unless there is minimal geographic competition for the services offered, local landing pages are in place to gain organic rankings for the cities the business.

Multi-location brick-and-mortar businesses include more than one office that staff travels to to offer services or to which customers come to do business. Local landing pages will need to be created for each physical address with the goal of multiple offices ranking in the local packs. In addition, Google My Business listings should be created for each office so each listing can link to its respective local landing page on the company’s website.

When creating local landing pages for these types of businesses, it is important to remember to avoid duplicate content. To rank well in searches, make sure your content is unique across your local landing pages to prevent loss of web traffic and a drop in your company’s relevance in searches.

To learn more about what local landing pages can do for your business visit FYNDYOU™ at or call (502) 289-6115 to speak with one of our FYNDYOU™ local landing page experts.

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