Everything you need to get found online locally,
all for one affordable price

Customers look online BILLIONS of times each month for products & services.
If the don’t fyndyou® they’ll find your competitors.

Most digital marketing agencies only provide a handful of the components offered in the fyndyou bundle, leading to sub-par results. When you combine all the components of the fyndyou bundle your business can finally reach its full potential.

  • Great Value: Get SEO, PPC, reputation management, analytics, and every other service you need, all in one package for one affordable price.
  • Boost Your Leads and Sales: Our techniques ensure that when your customers search for your products and services they always fyndyou. This results in more traffic, leads, and sales for your business.
  • Track Your ROI: Get up-to-date reporting and analytics throughout your campaign so you always know how your marketing is performing and what your ROI is.
  • Proven Results: When you choose fyndyou you’re choosing a partner who has a proven track record of helping businesses meet and exceed their online marketing goals.
  • Dedicated Digital Analyst: Someone who both understands digital marketing and your business who can offer and execute personalized recommendations to optimize fyndyou for your business.

Local / Regional



Local / Regional

For businesses with one location targeting customers in a region within 25 miles, or up to 200,000 people.

Includes everything you need to boost your qualified leads in your local area:
  • Local SEO strategies to get your business on page 1 of Google
  • PPC ads to boost web traffic
  • An SEO optimized fyndyousite to increase your conversions
  • Reputation management strategies to generate more positive reviews
  • Call tracking to monitor and optimize your campaigns
  • Online Reporting to track your ROI
  • A Dedicated Digital Analyst to manage all your digital marketing solutions

Learn more about our Local/Regional Program Bundle Click here

Multiple Locations

For businesses with more than one location.

Includes everything you need to boost qualified leads for each of your locations:
  • Local SEO strategies to get every location on page 1 of Google
  • PPC ads to boost web traffic
  • SEO optimized fyndyousites to help all of your locations get found online in their local area
  • Reputation management strategies to generate more positive reviews across your entire business
  • Call tracking to monitor and optimize digital marketing strategies for each of your locations
  • Online Reporting to track your ROI
  • A Dedicated Digital Analyst to manage your campaigns and ensure all your locations get the attention they deserve

Learn more about our Multiple Location Program Bundle Click here.


fyndyou has two program bundles available to meet your needs, whether you have one location or many.

Choose “Local/Regional” if you need digital marketing for one location, or select “Multiple Locations” to promote many different locations all across the country.

Both of our Program Bundles include:
  • Website Design/Development
  • Local SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Directory Listings
  • Reputation Management
  • Dedicated Digital Analyst
  • And 3 more solutions all for the one price
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what our Clients Say

“fyndyou increased our leads by over 100% in several of our rental locations. Not only do I highly recommend this program, but we expanded it to several of our other locations”.

Paul Laya – Marketing Manager Kelly Tractor

“The fyndyou program has put us on the map in markets we never had an online foot print in before. In markets we did, it has in many cases placed us above our competitors – a place we have never been before. As a result we have seen many leads. We highly recommend the program”.

Julie Heckman – Director of Marketing Heartland Medical

“fyndyou had an immediate impact on the number of app downloads we received. A great program that I highly recommend”.

Mike Jones – CIO Procarent Yellow Cab

“From the minute fyndyou turned their program on we started to get more leads. We were on a hike and my phone started going off with people wanting to see our facility. A great program!”

Laura and Kevin Hall – Owners 314 Exchange Event Hall

“I’m happy with the results. It’s a good program with good communication from the team. The monthly meetings are really great to keep in touch with the campaigns.”

Marc Klassen – General Manager Diesel Depot

“You all have been exceptional in this move. You made Taran and I look very organized and professional in our duties to make this happen. Your efforts and professionalism throughout this process is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for all of your hard work. We are very happy with the results”

Steven Ruch – General Manager Total Home and Farm Video Solutions, Inc.

“fyndyou has been a great program. Before this program we had a very difficult time getting all of our locations found. The program has been cost effective with great results.”

Greg Dewalt Yancey Cat Marketing Operations Manager

Why fyndyou

Our Methodology

fyndyou employs a five-step process that has proven to be effective for clients of all shapes and sizes. We utilize this methodology to ensure your fyndyou program gets the best results possible for you.

Amazing Results

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Learn how our innovative strategies helped their digital marketing campaigns reach new heights.