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FYNDYOU Lead Generation

Our digital lead generation and strategies are specially designed to get you more leads for your business.

Here are some of the strategies we use to engage people across internet channels to improve your lead generation rate:

Clear and Compelling Calls to Action

Put the spotlight on your Calls to Action by minimizing clutter on your site. Make them easy to see and specific so prospects know what to expect.

Live Chat

Live chat is popular with customers because it offers your prospects instant gratification. It also is preferred by many rather than phone calls.

On Page SEO

Ensuring that your website pages are relevant to a prospect's search is vital to improving your search engine rankings and yielding a positive user experience with your brand.


Some of the types of testimonials you can feature include video testimonials, product reviews, and quote testimonials. With 84% of customers trusting online reviews as they would a personal recommendation, you cannot afford to omit testimonials from your website.

Gated Content

Downloadable ebooks and other gated content are proven ways to offer value-added content to your prospects. In exchange you build leads and generate an email list.

Nurture Leads

Engage with your target audience by leveraging your content by effective multi-channel lead strategies that involve a combination of website, social media, email marketing, and paid retargeting. with the help of our marketing automation platforms that can significantly improve results.

Mobile Friendly

You can reduce your website bounce rate and increase your leads by testing your website pages on a regular basis to ensure that they are mobile-friendly and take no longer than two seconds to load.

Social Media Ads

The right platform and ads will increase your brand awareness and conversions.

Google Ads

Google Ads Search, Shopping, and Remarketing Display ads are some of the most effective ways to drive website traffic and customers to your business.

Social Media Postings

Building awareness and relationships with your target audience.

Some of Our Clients


Below are a couple select clients in different industries that we have had the pleasure of working with on lead generation.

Heartland Medical

  • btn-aerro
    75 New Keywords On Page 1 Of Google
  • btn-aerro
    54 More Average Leads Per Month
  • btn-aerro
    214% More Leads Per Month
  • btn-aerro
    <$39.00 Cost Per Lead
Heavy Equipment Dealership Local AI SEO

Kelly CAT

  • btn-aerro
    +442% FOUND Online Per Month (Search Engines, Directories, Maps)
  • btn-aerro
    +321% Visits To Digital Properties Per Month
  • btn-aerro
    $19.50 Cost Per Lead

314 Exchange – Event Venue

  • btn-aerro
    127.83% FOUND Online Per Month
  • btn-aerro
    1346.67% Visits to Digital Properties
  • btn-aerro
    $92.00 Cost Per Lead

Fairway Mortgage

  • btn-aerro
    66 New Keywords On Page 1 Of Google
  • btn-aerro
    97 More Average Leads Per Month
  • btn-aerro
    329% More Leads Per Month
  • btn-aerro
    <$14.00 Cost Per Lead

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