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Austin St. John is a world-renowned actor and business man with an international following, mainly residing in Europe and Asia. St. John Enterprises needed an updated website that was responsive and looked visually appealing with product photos and event appearance information. His fans now have a place to purchase their themed merchandise from the website and find opportunities like meet and greets. We enhanced his social media following by creating a Facebook and Instagram marketing strategy.

The challenge

An actor needed an optimized website that would allow his fans to purchase his themed products directly from the site itself. The site needed to be visually appealing as well as responsive. He also needed help promoting merchandise on social media.



We enhanced his current Shopify website that was easy to use for the actor. He is easily able to make any updates and add new content to the site.


Part of our strategy for improving the actor’s social media experience was giving audiences a place to connect with him, and purchase merchandise. We created a consistent velocity of which we are sharing updates and engaging with fans on social media.


Through Facebook Advertising, we were able to help better promote the actor and his online presence. We ran multiple campaigns that promoted his website and Facebook page.


By establishing a Google Analytics account for the actor’s website, we were able to help him find his online audience. This was done by showing him where they were getting the most interest. With this information, he was able to find new places to attend events and to where to return.


By optimizing the client’s website for search engines, we were able to increase web traffic and rankings in multiple searches. This client was able to stand out in their competitive industry, expanding their business.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the likelihood a website visitor actually engages with the product or service listed. This can be an email signup, app download, sale, or any other call to action. Now that this client was getting an influx of new attention to their site through digital advertising, we wanted to make sure the interest did not stop there. By tracking and optimizing key components the client wished to improve, we were able to further boost engagement.


  • Provided a robust website that showcases the client’s portfolio
  • Social Media integrations that allow for shareable content
  • Ecommerce solution to be able to purchase signed memorabilia and other merchandise straight from the website
  • Full Integration with Facebook and Instagram
  • SEO plan worked to bring awareness to new products on organic search and on social media

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