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Lead Generation Is Going Digital for All Industries | Importance of Local SEO
Mar 26

Lead Generation Is Going Digital for All Industries | Importance of Local SEO

Out With the Old Lead Generation Methods

Now more than ever companies are switching their lead generation techniques to digital platforms. With the younger generations becoming prominent business leaders and people in general becoming more comfortable with technology, businesses across the board are seeing the value associated with the internet.

What’s changed In Lead Generation?

Only 10 years ago media platforms were in their infancy and a good percentage of the population barely knew how to open a web browser. Now, with internet speeds at an all-time high, ISP pricing-per-performance ratio higher, and the advent of the modern smartphone, business has drastically changed. It’s easier than ever to create a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile and get connected to people around the world.

New Digital Platforms of Lead Generation

It shouldn’t be too surprising to find out a lot of marketing strategies are headed digital. What’s really interesting is how older techniques are getting replaced. Mass advertising techniques of old were about generating as many impressions as possible. New data suggests that may be an inefficient use of your marketing department’s resources. Customers are now harder to reach, but they’re still willing to buy things that create value for them. That’s why behavioral marketing techniques and 1:1 targeting are playing bigger roles in generating leads.

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Information Overload

Access to information is easier than ever. The downside to this is the “noise” that bombards consumers on a daily basis. Because people get advertised to so frequently now, they’re becoming experts at filtering out what they don’t want to see or hear. Instead, if something catches their eye they will learn about it on their own through search engines, social media, and other online channels. Because of this, impressed based, traditional advertising is starting to lose its effectiveness.

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