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What is a Microsite and 3 Reasons Why Your Business Locations Should Have One
Jul 31

What is a Microsite and 3 Reasons Why Your Business Locations Should Have One

As digital marketing and SEO strategies evolve new terms are continually being thrown at business owners. One term you may have heard recently is ‘microsite.’

These pages are becoming increasingly popular amongst online marketers, and for good reason. They provide a number of benefits, including the ability to create more targeted content and improve local search rankings.

So, what is a microsite and how can it help your business?

Microsite Definition

Microsites are individual webpages that are separate from a business’ main site. They have their own URL and can be used to promote specific products, offers, and events. Businesses with multiple locations may also use microsites to help their various locations appear in local search results.

These webpages are much more focused than a traditional website and usually center around one topic, whether that be a product, store location, etc. This makes them effective landing pages for SEO and PPC campaigns.

Why Should You Be Using Microsites?

There are a number of reasons to include microsites in your digital marketing plan. Here are our top three:

Target a Specific Geographic Audience
Let’s say you operate a business with multiple locations. One of your locations is in Boston and you want to target people in that area to encourage them to visit your store. However, your head office is in New York which means Google doesn’t consider you a local business.

So, why is this a problem? When people search for products and services Google prefers to show them options near them. If your business isn’t perceived to be local you won’t show up in those search results.

The solution here is to create a microsite for your Boston location, as these pages are great for targeting specific geographic areas. With an SEO optimized page now solely focused on that location you’ll be able to start ranking it in local search results, making it easier to target customers in that area.

Promote Seasonal Campaigns, Promotions, and Products

If your business offers a lot of different products and services then your website likely has a lot of information. This is great most of the time, but if you’re trying to promote a specific offering all that extra information can be distracting to customers.

A great way to overcome this is to create a microsite that’s focused solely on one campaign or product. Because the whole page is geared towards one topic these pages tend to convert much better than traditional sites and often generate more leads and sales.

They’re Good for SEO

Microsites aren’t just for promoting products and services. They can also be used to target specific keywords. In some cases, creating a separate microsite around the keyword you’re targeting will give you a better chance of ranking for it.

A microsite that’s SEO optimized and ranking for high traffic keywords can be used for a campaign or promotion to drive more conversions and improve results.

Start Taking Advantage of Microsites with FYNDYOU

FYNDYOU helps businesses harness the power of microsites to improve their search rankings and boost sales. Our microsites:

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