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Top 3 Ways Social Media Affects Your Customers’ Buying Decisions:
Apr 19

Top 3 Ways Social Media Affects Your Customers’ Buying Decisions:

With 82% of the population ages 13+ on one or more social media platforms in North America, it’s difficult to ignore the power of marketing on these platforms backlinko. If you haven’t started yet, now’s the best time to get going.

Here are 3 key ways Social Media affects your customers’ buying decisions:

Step 1: Product research

Expect your future customers to comb through reviews, browse pictures of your product, and research competitors. According to this Global study, 43% of consumers will research you through a social media platform before purchasing and another 27% will purchase a product based on social media ads alone. Consumers often trust other consumers to gather consensus on whether they should purchase or not.

Step 2: Consumers respond to post types

This same study found engagement to be highest on Facebook when a post included a live video. They also found engagement on Instagram to be highest when using a carousel ad. Keep in mind that analytics and your industry type will also play a role in engagement so be sure to strategize your post types accordingly. Consumers respond to your post types based on their own interactions with Social Media.

Step 3: Influencers have the highest engagement rate on Facebook

Influencers play a key role in social media marketing. The New Global study found that, percentage-wise, influencers have the highest rate of engagement on Facebook with sports teams being a close second. Consumers look to the influencers they trust for product recommendations and reviews.

Let’s face it. We all spend a lot of time on social media. Checking in on breaks, at lunch,and before going to bed. You can now share and boost your brand on the largest network in history and reach an audience of millions. 

The question isn’t whether you should start marketing on social media. It’s when.

FYNDYOU is here for you. Let our social media experts guide you, improve your outreach, and put more people in front of your brand.

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