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Top 3 Local Search Marketing Trends for 2018
Dec 22

Top 3 Local Search Marketing Trends for 2018

Local SEO trends evolve quickly year after year and 2018 will be no different. As a business owner, how will you stand out in front of your local competitors? FYNDYOU™ provides a fast and simple approach to ensure that your business is immediately visible when and where the consumer is looking for you. Are you ready to dominate local search optimization in 2018?

1. Local Citations Improve Your Google My Business Rankings

Local citations are your best friend. It should be no surprise that users trust search engines for local searches. Creating content rich and updated pages on business directories gives your business clear visibility on SERPs. First and foremost, make sure your Google My Business listing and Google Maps are properly created and managed. Next, make a list of your top web directories. This list should include national and local business directories, city directories, and category specific directories. It’s important to create content-rich profiles on each directory and ensure your business’ name, address, and phone number remain consistent. The accuracy, amount and quality of your business’ local citations improve its chances of ranking high on SERPs. No time? No problem, that’s where FYNDYOU can help.

2. Local Reviews Improve Google and Yelp Rankings

Consider positive reviews as “the icing on the cake.” Customer reviews are a major factor that improve visibility on Google. Star-based rankings that appear alongside a listing on the search result page enable searchers to make a snap decision about whether or not they are interested in the business. To include your results on the SERP, Google trusts certain third-party review sites and requires businesses to have 150 unique reviews in the past year, with an average star rating of 3.5 out of five. Since the language used in each review is user-generated content, this powerfully boosts your long-tail keyword traffic on Google.

3. Metatags are Still Instrumental for Local Search in 2018

Let’s not forget the importance of title and meta tags descriptions. General rule of thumb is to keep title tags between 55 to 60 characters and meta descriptions between 180 to 200 characters. Don’t let dreaded dots ruin your page descriptions. Double check how your title and meta tags appear on Google. These are essentially mini advertisements for your web page.

Ring in 2018 on the first page of Google search results with help from FYNDYOU.

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