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The Benefits of Google My Business for Local Search
Nov 9

The Benefits of Google My Business for Local Search

The Growth of Local Search Since 2010

About 35% of all search traffic has “local” intent. Let’s think about how impressive that number is for a moment considering the history of “local” search dates back just seven years to 2010. This means that millions of people look online for a restaurant, a plumber or a nail salon in close proximity to them. Will your business be one of the listings that appears in these “local” search results?

Improving Local Search Visibility for Your Business Location

While consumers are in search of a quality local service, businesses are in search of ways to improve search visibility. And that’s where Google My Business comes into play. As Google places stronger emphasis on local results, Google My Business listings are becoming as valuable as your grandmother’s antiques. So, what is Google My Business you ask? Google My Business is a comprehensive platform where businesses can increase their online presence and manage all business information in one place across Google. Search, Maps and Google+ are all populated with the same information provided on your Google My Business profile, which allows all your business information to remain consistent.

Understanding How Google My Business Works is the Difference Between Being on The Map or Not

With Google My Business, businesses are able to list their exact address on a map which helps potential customers find a physical location through precise directions. On mobile devices, step-by-step navigation via Google Maps is even available by clicking “Directions” in the listing. Keep in mind that if your business is nearby and provides the service a consumer is in search of, that consumer will likely visit and spend money at your business. Google My Business lists your physical location in reference to the consumer then leaves it up to them for further action. When completing your Google My Business profile, it is important to fill in as many accurate details as possible including your company’s name, phone number, business hours, and website URL. A Google My Business profile that is optimized and complete signals to Google that your profile is relevant for users searching your service and can show your listing in a highly visible space on the search results page on Google.

Yes, You Can Buy Paid Ads in Google My Business

And speaking of visibility, this is one of the biggest benefits Google My Business provides. When you search on Google for a service, at the top of the search result page you will first notice Cost-per-click (CPC) ads which are “paid ads.” Underneath this and before the organic search results, you will notice a map with a panel of three matching businesses which will include a star rating, photo, brief description and location of the specified business. This is often referred to as the local “3-pack” area, and is where your Google My Business listing is advertised daily to local searches. A simple click on a specific business will direct ‘searchers’ to the remaining content on the profile, such an official website – or even a direct phone call to the business. Having your Google My Business profile appear in local 3-pack for search terms that are valuable to your business can mean tapping into potential revenue since your business will be conspicuous in results. Lastly, Google My Business provides a clear channel of communication where past customers can leave reviews which can further influence a future searcher’s decision.

FYNDYOU™ Places Your Business in Google My Business Correctly and Robustly

Our years of experience have allowed us to build the knowledge into the FYNDYOU program to rank you highly in Google My Business for not just one of your offerings, but many.

Learn more about what local listings management from FYNDYOU™ can do for you. If you are considering one of FYNDYOU™’s bundles, each include Google My Business Page Setup/Optimization, SEO copywriting and photo and multimedia additions, along with various other features.

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