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Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room
Jeff Bezos


Brand Audit

We conduct an honest and unbiased review of your current brand, customer landscape, and other pertinent details to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Just starting out? We’ll be with you every step of the way as you build a personal brand, ensuring you have everything you need to meet every objective.




For effective personal branding, research is essential. We look at your competitors, industry landscape, customer expectations, and internal elements for points of differentiation that can be determined and exploited. If your competition is speaking in industry jargon and specs, a savvy branding approach might be for you to humanize communications by focusing on dedication to the client needs and goals.



Brand Voice

Any successful personal brand must be in your company’s authentic brand voice. If a tech company brands itself as a partner to its clients, the voice shouldn’t be a professorial stream of tech terms. More apt would be the voice of a friendly collaborator.



Brand Standards

Consistency and repetition are essential to personal branding personal values and standards should be developed and vigilantly maintained. Though there may be exceptions for some audiences, your communications should stay true in your branding message, be it a YouTube video, Instagram post, direct mail piece, eblast, or blog entry.



Brand Assets & Guidelines

Every project is different, and that difference is what makes your brand memorable. We provide any assets your brand requires, whether it be email signatures, brand frames, or logo design.

How Your Personal Brand Affects Your Business

Reputation Is Built on Action

You can’t build your personal brand on what you plan to do, and we’re here to help turn those plans into actionable steps.

Personal Brand is Perception

Your personal brand is how your audience perceives you, and perception matches the reality you present to them over time.

Tell Your Story in Your Own Words

If you don’t tell your story, someone else will. Take charge of personal branding and define your mission through brand strategy and reputation building.

Make Your Brand Memorable

Through expectation, relationship building, and stories, you sway your audience’s decision to choose your product or service over another.


Personal Branding is for individuals looking to grow their online presence and establish themselves as a brand. When you partner with fyndyou®, we work with you to build a personalized content strategy around your brand’s value your unique needs.

We Work with You to Build Your Personal Social Media Following through:

  • Hashtag research
  • Creating an aesthetically pleasing IG feed
  • Following and engaging with your favorite brands
  • Building a community by engaging with your audience
  • Assisting with affiliate networks like Amazon Affiliate Program and LTK

We support you every step through creating professionally designed images, animations, and videos, comment engagement, post scheduling, and more


Influencers make money on social media through commissions on affiliate links, Direct-To-Customer selling, sponsored content, merchandising, and monetization tools the platform offers. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or turn to influencing full-time, having an effective strategy to gradually grow your following is key to your success.

With fyndyou®, you’ll receive analytics and reporting across all your channels to monitor your performance. Join your entire team for regularly scheduled meetings to review your progress and ensure you’re meeting your goals.


With the rise of “micro-influencing,” more influencers are available to businesses than ever. Influencer Databases allow companies to find, research, and track influencers across numerous social media platforms and narrow down which influencers they want to work with from the thousands available.

When you partner with fyndyou®, we get you listed in our partnering databases to increase visibility, manage your campaigns, and gain valuable partnerships.


Some of Our Clients

Below are a couple select clients in different industries that we have had the pleasure of integrating their social media presence with e-commerce sales.

Social Media – Personal Branding

  • btn-aerro
    572% increase in accounts reached on Instagram
  • btn-aerro
    224% increase in TikTok video views
  • btn-aerro
    21.4% increase in likes on Facebook

St. John Enterprises LLC

  • btn-aerro
    46% increase in sales
  • btn-aerro
    105% increase in Facebook reach
  • btn-aerro
    130% increase in Instagram reach
  • btn-aerro
    247% increase in Instagram followers

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