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How Changes in Google’s My Business Affect Local SEO
Jul 16

How Changes in Google’s My Business Affect Local SEO

There is no hiding the fact that Google’s dominance of the internet requires businesses with an online presence to keep alert for any algorithm updates and policy changes.

Firms use SEO to try and get a more prominent position in search results to increase the number of hits on their websites. If Google changes the rules of the game, they might have to reassess their strategy.

This is why changes to the Google My Businessfeature are significant. In a highly competitive online marketplace, companies must make it their business to check how their local SEO strategiesmight be affected by this development.

The Evolving Role of Google My Business

It has become common for firms to have both a Facebook profile and a Google My Businessaccount. There has been a general consensus that a business needs to use Facebook to promote their products and services via social media. Google’s My Businesswas primarily seen as a means of assisting potential customers locate the firm’s website.

Now Google has decided to encourage businesses to exploit My Business’s commercial potential to benefit their local search marketing. Apparently, many firms have not realized or have been hesitant to add posts to their My Business accounts.

Google wants to encourage them to post details of special offers or other information of interest to their customers. This is why they changed the look of Google My Businessto attract visitors to go straight to the business postings instead of having to access them via a tab.

Making the Most of the Rise of Google My Business

The challenge business face is how to most effectively exploit these new promotion opportunities. Google offers some suggestions of how this can best be done. For example, in addition to creating posts they recommend that firms invest time in developing a range of special offers to attract visitors. It is possible to include as many as ten of these offers in the Google My Businesscarousel.

Businesses must also take a fresh look at their local SEO strategies. A 2018 local searchranking study revealed that My Business has become just as important as your website home page. Your Google My Businessprofile provides all the details about your company that the customer needs.

It thus effectively competes with your home page to shape potential customers’ first impression of your business offering. In these ways, Google My Businesssidesteps the firm’s website to generate revenue-earning traffic externally.

Businesses who recognize the importance of this trend give Google My Businessa prominent position on their local search marketing“Must do” list. All the company information you enter in your My Business profile needs to be accurate.

It is also vital to choose the business categories searchers are most likely to enter. Pay particular attention to choosing your primary category as well as carefully considering which subsidiary categories to choose. These choices are not intuitive for those without local SEOexperience, but they make all the difference.

The same need for local search marketingexpertise applies to handling the question and answers feature. A SEO expert knows how to script questions and reviews in a way that gives you a high but definitely not 100% review ratings. The public is naturally suspicious of firms with only top-grade reviews, but this is a point the average business person is unlikely to consider.

Besides the question and answer activities, it is important to take full advantage of the opportunities to regularly post special offers and other company news on My Business.

Website vs Google My Business

Google My Business’rapid rise to prominence challenges conventional wisdom’s focus on the use of keywords on a firm’s website. This element in local SEO strategyseems much less crucial for attracting new customers through My Business.

Much more significant is getting a quick grasp of how to exploit its business listing categories, its question and answers feature, and its promotional posting options. While the objectives of traditional local SEOremain the same, the techniques you apply need to change.

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