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The company

Founded in 1984, Texas Center for Cosmetic Dentistry’s mission is to bring our patients premium dental services in a warm, caring environment. We do this with the hopes that your visit will not be full of fear or dread. Our Accredited Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Guy M. Lewis has more than 38 years experience in cosmetic dentistry and gives his patients viable, innovative options for fixing their teeth and gums in ways that were not previously available. Serving Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

The challenge:

Texas Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston, TX. online presence wasn’t reflective of the high standards Dr. Guy Lewis has for his practice. Especially in Social Media.

The website is nice but wasn’t getting as much traffic as it could. Search engine results were good but needed improvement and post pandemic the leads had dropped off.

There were social media accounts, but there was no consistent strategy to reinforce the brand and drive traffic to the site

Finally, Dr. Lewis found FyndYou to help meet these challenges

FyndYou is a team of digital marketing experts who specialize in dental practice marketing. They have a proven track record of success, and they knew exactly what Dr. Lewis needed to do to improve his online presence.

FYNDYOU Actions?

FyndYou worked with Dr. Lewis and his team to create a digital marketing plan focused on:

  • refining the brand
  • optimizing the website
  • an engaging social media presence
  • a robust content marketing strategy

Within six months, Dr. Lewis’ website was getting thousands more visitors, followers and social engagements every month. He was showing up at the top of search results for relevant keywords, and he was getting new patients every week.

Dr. Lewis is one of the most successful cosmetic dentists in Houston, Texas and the southwest.

If you’re a cosmetic dentist who is looking to improve your online presence, contact FyndYou today. We can help you create a website that gets you seen by potential patients and generate new leads.

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