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The company

As lawyers in the Kansas City, MO area, Cook-Ellis has achieved success for their clients thanks to decades of extensive experience. Aaron Cook has been practicing law in Missouri and Kansas since 1998, and Coleman Ellis likewise has practiced in both states since 2009. Together, they provide Kansas City the legal services to meet the needs of a diverse clientele – individuals, businesses, and other organizations.

The challenge

Cook Ellis Law in Kansas City MO online presence wasn’t reflective of the high standards the partners have for their practice. Especially in generating new leads.

The website is nice but wasn’t getting as much traffic as it could. Search engine results were good but needed improvement and post pandemic the leads had dropped off.

Their listings in the local directories were not consistent, thereby hurting their overall rankings.

Cook Ellis lacked automations to nurture leads into clients.

Cook Ellis found FyndYou to help meet these challenges

FyndYou is a team of digital creative experts who specialize in dental practice marketing. They have a proven track record of success, and they knew exactly what Cook Ellis needed to do to improve their online strategy and garner the results they needed.


FyndYou worked with Cook Ellis and his team to create a digital marketing plan focused on:

  • refining the brand
  • optimizing the website
  • enhanced directory placements
  • Google ads
  • putting automations into place

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