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5 Steps to Creating a Powerful Personal Brand on Social Media
May 14

5 Steps to Creating a Powerful Personal Brand on Social Media

Steps To Create a Powerful Personal Brand on Social Media

Everybody has a personal brand, even you.

When done right, your personal branding strategy can be your most powerful asset. The key is to build it effectively on social media and craft a compelling narrative that will help land new opportunities and connections to advance your career and life.
Below are the vital steps to create a successful personal brand. 

Step 1: Determine Your Unique Brand Story 

People are naturally interested in stories. But before that, think about your talents, unique selling points (USPs), and accomplishments. Identify the core values you want to be associated with. And make them all a part of your story.  

For example, your brand story can be adventurous, motivational, or daring, like Sir Richard Branson, who reached the edge of space. On the other hand, a value-driven brand story with functional and emotional benefits is always a hit. For more inspiration, look at Gordon Ramsay’s branding “recipe.” His classic story revolves around his struggles, controversies, and successes. He is sometimes rude and uses unparliamentary language. People watch him for his behavior, his extraordinary skills, and his pure sense of perfection. That’s what they love about him. 

Step 2: Create Your Website and Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

As you start thinking about the more tangible elements of your personal branding strategy, create your website and social profiles. Include your interests, aspirations, past experiences, and rewards. 

You can focus on popular social platforms, such as – Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and TikTok. 

  • Optimize the profiles with your professional logo and headshots. 
  • Include a clear call to action. 
  • Stay consistent and deliver a cohesive message across every platform.
  • Use relevant hashtags and make meaningful connections. 

Step 3: Build a Strong Content Strategy

Engaging and insightful content is a vital part of your personal branding strategy. It makes you a trusted person in your niche. First, do some research within your space to design your content. Build a content calendar. Keep track of trends in your space and develop content to post regularly. Next, develop a variety of content types such as infographics, videos, webinars. To optimize visibility, cover multiple platforms and channels like a personal website, Quora, YouTube, and more. 

Step 4: Build a Strong Community

Talk to your audience. Build a community for people to know more about you and each other. Use social tools like Instagram Live, IGTV, LinkedIn Groups, Slack communities, etc. When you turn on the conversation switch for your followers, that is when you begin to build a community. In fact, you may also start to monetize your personal brand. 

Step 5: Monitor and Review

Answer these questions as you move along.

  • How am I growing as a personal brand? 
  • Is my audience aligned with my brand goals? 
  • Are my followers truly deriving benefit from my content? 

This is the most important of all personal branding steps. Obviously, you do not want to end up telling the wrong story to the wrong people. 

You may need a professional to review your progress, monitor analytics, create a content calendar, design copy, and be consistent in engaging with your audience for all your channels. 

Take the Next Step

Creating a powerful social media strategy for personal branding is not easy, but the payoffs are enormous when you generate the right engagement.

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