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3 Ways Attorneys Can Get Found Online
Nov 13

3 Ways Attorneys Can Get Found Online

If you’re an attorney, you may be having trouble getting new clients. There’s a lot of competition in the legal space and many people choose their lawyers after getting recommendations from family and friends.

What can you do to overcome this? The internet is your window of opportunity, with over 1/3 of people beginning their search for a lawyer online. In fact, according to Smart Insights boosting your online presence can help you secure the 33% of people beginning their search online and help you tap into the 96% of people that search for legal advice online.

So, how exactly do you go about getting your law firm found online? Here are three proven strategies you can use:

1. Optimize Your Website

Having a functional website is a great start, but that alone isn’t enough to get you found or generate leads.

Add the following to your site to increase your results:

  • Relevant Keywords: Perform keyword research to see what terms people are using to search for law firms in your area. Then incorporate those keywords throughout your site.
  • Clear Calls to Action: Strong CTAs encourage people to click through to multiple pages which helps with SEO. They also boost conversions.
  • Multiple Ways to Contact You: Include click and call buttons, chat windows, and contact forms so people can easily contact you however they like.
  • Location Maps and Directions: Make it easy for people to find you. Include your address on these pages as well, as this is good for local search.
  • Link to Your Social Media Pages: Promote your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages so you can build your social media following.
  • Multi-Language Support: If you live in an area where more than one language is spoken, consider supporting multiple languages on your site to broaden your client base.
  • Optimize for Voice Search: More people are using voice search than ever before. Make sure your site is optimized for it to take advantage of this growing trend.

2. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly

Searches done from a mobile phone have surpassed desktop computers. For this reason, your website must be designed with mobile in mind. This includes a mobile responsive design and an easy user experience.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly it might cause some people to leave your site. Google’s search algorithm also punishes sites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices, so this is extremely important.

3. Get reputable online reviews to increase visibility

When a prospective client searches for you in Google, your website, social media channels, and online reviews will likely be the first results that come up.

The online reviews left on review sites and social media are essential to building a potential client’s trust. A large number of good reviews will also help improve your search rankings.

Reach out to past and current clients whom you know had a good experience with you and ask them to leave you a review. Even a few positive online reviews can have a big impact.


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