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Our proprietary fyndyou reporting and analysis services will ensure you stay up to date on the progress of all of your digital marketing initiatives.

Digital marketing reporting and analysis – fyndyou®
Part of the fyndyou bundle

With fyndyou’s sophisticated reporting and analysis, you’ll see how effective your digital marketing bundle really is and gain insight into your customers’ usage. This will allow you to clearly understand the value and impact the fyndyou® bundle has on your business.

We’ll start by setting the right KPIs for your campaigns, then monitor and report on the results on a monthly basis. Our team will assist you with the interpretation of these reports, evaluating progress and making the necessary changes to improve your ROI.

Setting the Right KPIs

A good digital marketing campaign starts with the right key performance indicators (KPIs). These are values that allow us to measure how your marketing campaigns are performing. They vary depending on the type of initiative you’re running and can include metrics such as web traffic, conversions, and sales.

We’ll evaluate your campaigns and determine who you’re targeting and what your goals are. We’ll then set the right KPIs that will allow us to optimize your digital marketing bundle and ensure it’s successful.

Tracking Your Digital Marketing Initiatives with Google Analytics

Once we’ve established your KPIs we’ll start tracking your results to ensure your campaigns are performing properly. To do this we use Google Analytics as well as a variety of digital marketing reporting routines.

We’re able to track every aspect of your fyndyou campaigns, ranging from identifying which ads are most successful all the way to what time of day your potential customers are interacting with search engines.

By staying up to date with every aspect of your campaign (through our digital marketing analysis and reporting system) we’re able to provide objective, data-driven evaluations that are easy for you to understand, thereby ensuring you receive the best possible service.

With Your Data We’re Able to:

  • Analyze and look for new opportunities
  • Report back to you with our recommendations
  • Execute on those agreed upon initiatives

Data-Driven Results

At fyndyou, we believe a well-designed digital marketing plan is a measured plan. Important goals are set at the start of every campaign and then measured on a monthly basis. That’s why when you sign up for the fyndyou bundle we’ll assist you with the interpretation of reports, evaluating progress, and making necessary changes to improve your ROI.

What Our Reporting Includes

Our reporting provides you with a wide range of critical information, including:

  • How many new impressions you are gaining from fyndyou
  • Tracking of your keywords as they move up the rankings in Google and other search engines
  • Tracking how many calls you’ve received as a direct result of fyndyou
  • How many “get directions” you’ve received as a direct result of fyndyou
  • The number of forms your prospects have filled out
  • Your cost per lead
  • And more

Real-Time Reporting

When it comes to critical data, you need it right away and you need it to be up to date. That’s why we provide our clients with real-time reporting. This allows you to know exactly what’s going on with all of your fyndyou marketing campaigns at all times and gives you access to accurate and current data.

Your Own Dashboard

Our clients receive their own reporting dashboard so they have access to the same data that we do. That way you don’t need to come to us when you need critical data. All the information you need is easily accessible at all times. Our team is always available to assist you with your dashboard and answer any questions about the data you’re receiving.

Bringing it All Together

fyndyou’s proprietary combination of unique marketing systems and strategies work together to make the program so successful.

Reporting is a key part of the fyndyou bundle, as it allows to receive regular updates on all of your campaigns, including SEO, PPC, remarketing, and more. This ensures your goals are being met and we’re delivering the results you expect.

Our Methodology

fyndyou employs a five-step process to make sure all components of your program come together in the most powerful fashion:

Click here to learn more about our methodology.

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