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Local and Regional Social Media Marketing –
Optional Addon

Social media marketing is essential for every business. For those that depend on local foot traffic, social media helps with SEO and is a great way to build trust with customers. It’s also allows you to target specific regions and demographics with your marketing.

When you add social media marketing to your fyndyou bundle our team will help you develop and execute a strategy that builds your brand and generates sales.

Why Social Media Marketing is Important

Social Media provides you with a direct line of communication to your customers – and gives them a direct line back. Today’s consumer has an advantage over businesses that they didn’t have in the past: They have unlimited access to every portion of the buying decision, from the very first step.

One of the places they go to judge a company’s success is social media, making social media marketing more important than ever before. Do you have a Facebook or LinkedIn page? If not, they may not trust what you’re doing as a company. fyndyou has a proven track record and can help you develop your social media in the best way possible to fit your goals as a company.

Social media is also an important part of local SEO. In order to show up in local search results, it’s important to have your business’ address and information listed in multiple directories. This includes social media pages like Facebook and LinkedIn. By creating and maintaining up-to-date social media pages your business will have a better chance of being found by customers in your surrounding area.

Local and Regional Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a critical part of any business’ marketing strategy. Organic posts are being seen by less and less people, so paid advertising is the best way to spread your message.

We’ll create social media ads that specifically target your service area. We’ll also target specific demographics, such as age, gender, and interests to ensure your ads are seen by the people who will be most interested in your products and services.

Social Media Marketing Plan

Like any other aspect of digital marketing, social media starts with a strong marketing plan. This plan should take into consideration:

Our strategies include:

  • Your product or service
  • Your target audience
  • Your desired outcome

We’ll work with you to create the ideal social media marketing plan for your local or regional campaign.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

We pride ourselves on weaving a social media strategy into your overall digital marketing strategy. We let the desired outcome shape the strategy, considering factors like:

Our strategies include:

  • Should you have a Facebook page?
  • Do you want to gain likes on Facebook?
  • Do you want to drive people to your Facebook page?
  • Are you looking to raise brand awareness, or do you want to generate sales?

Once your goals have been set, we’ll create a social media strategy that will deliver your desired results.

Our Experience in Social Media Can Guide You

We have extensive experience promoting a wide range of companies through social media advertising and our team can help put together and execute a plan that best fits your needs.

Bringing it All Together

fyndyou’s proprietary combination of unique marketing systems and strategies work together to make the program so successful.

Social media is an optional addon to the fyndyou bundle. When implemented it helps improve SEO and can dramatically boost website traffic and leads.

Our Methodology

fyndyou employs a five-step process to make sure all components of your program come together in the most powerful fashion:

Click here to learn more about our methodology.

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