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Local & regional pay-per-click (PPC) advertising – fyndyou®
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Businesses that rely on local foot traffic need to find a way to target potential customers in their immediate area. In addition to local SEO, running local PPC campaign is one of the most effective ways you can be discovered online by people in your town or city. This is why we’ve included it in our fyndyou® digital marketing bundle.

For those looking to target a larger region, our regional PPC ads and search engine marketing with geotargeting services will allow you to capture potential customers within your service area who are interested in your products.

fyndyou Local and Regional SEM/PPC Approach

We approach pay-per-click advertising in a methodical and proven manner for clients of all sizes, from mid-sized fast-growth organizations to Fortune 500 companies. We have been using a creative data-driven model since PPC advertising was first created. Our team has decades of experience managing local lead generation sem ppc campaigns, from hundreds of keywords to over a million.

How Local and Regional PPC Ads Benefit Your Business

When people are looking for products and services in their immediate area, they turn to search engines like Google to provide them with the best options. If your business isn’t showing up in these searches you’re missing out on a lot of revenue and losing sales to your competitors.

Running local and regional PPC campaigns is the quickest way to start showing up in local search results and ensuring you’re getting found by potential customers near you. Our team will develop creative and persuasive display ads that are targeted to your specific service areas. By using geotargeting technology, we’ll make sure your ads are only seen in your selected locations by people who are actually interested in your business.

PPC Campaign Design

Before we start an online advertising campaign, we ask the right questions for the right problems. We want to be sure we connect the dots between your consumer and you at the right point in their path. Once we’ve launched the SEM and PPC campaign we analyze, revise, and refine it to achieve the highest ROI possible.

Bringing it All Together

fyndyou’s proprietary combination of unique marketing systems and strategies work together to make the program so successful.

PPC is a key part our online strategy as it is one of the best ways to boost your website traffic. When SEM and PPC is combined with SEO and the other components of fyndyou you’ll see a dramatic increase in leads for your business.

Our Methodology

fyndyou employs a five-step process to make sure all components of your programs come together in the most powerful fashion:

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