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fyndyou® – A Digital Marketing Bundle Designed for the Construction Industry

Construction Industry Marketing Experts

Partner with a digital marketing agency with years of experience in the construction industry. fyndyou offers everything your business needs to get found online; all for one affordable price.

40 – 100
Average Google/Bing/Yahoo page 1 rankings

1800 – 3200
Average impressions/month
120 – 160
Average location trafiic (webpage and listings)

60 – 110
Average leads/month

$3.00 – $12.00
Average CPL

Pay Less and Get More

fyndyou offers a number of advantages over traditional SEO offerings:

Get Higher Quality Leads

We understand construction equipment customers and how to target them, resulting in high quality leads that convert to sales.

Onboarding & Support

We’ll set up your digital marketing for you and are always available to answer questions.

Constantly Track Your ROI

Our sophisticated reporting provides your business with the ROI that lets you know your marketing is performing at it’s best.

Proven Results

fyndyou has been proven time and time again to deliver excellent results for businesses in the construction industry.

Directory Listings
Google Text Ads
Retargeting Ads
Reputation Management
Call Tracking
Online Reporting
Digital Marketing Specialist
9 World-Class Deliverables for One Price

What’s included in your fyndyou bundle:

On average, we get exceptional results in the construction equipment and rental industries.
Aggregate information for over 100 Construction Rental and Equipement locations (after 3 months)
Individual websites for each of your locations to help them appear in local search results.
Our proprietary SEO strategies are built into your site to give it maximum search rankings.
First we clean your listings and then we create citations to improve local search.
Created by our certified team for maximum exposure and results.
Visual image ads that your prospects see after they leave your site, encouraging them to come back.
Allows you to actively build a good online reputation through positive reviews.
Track and listen to each call that you receive.
Analyze your results whenever you like.
They’ll oversee your entire marketing program and work with you to ensure your success.

The Proof is in the Results

Here are our aggregate results for over 100 construction rental and equipment campaigns after just 3 months:

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say about fyndyou:

“fyndyou has been a great program. Before this program we had a very difficult time getting all of our locations found. The program has been cost effective with great results.”

Greg Dewalt
Marketing Operations Manager
Yancey Cat

Digital marketing construction rental equipment companies

“fyndyou increased our leads by over 100% in several of our rental locations. Not only do I highly recommend this program, but we expanded it to several of our other locations”.

Paul Laya
Marketing Manager
Kelly Tractor

Digital marketing construction rental equipment companies

Case studies

Digital marketing construction rental equipment companies

  • 3,095 vs 571 +442% FOUND Online Per Month (Search Engines, Directories, Maps)
  • 441 vs 137 +321% Visits To Digital Properties Per Month
  • <$3.00 vs $19.50 Cost Per Lead

Digital marketing construction rental equipment companies

  • 257 Keywords On Page 1 Of Google
  • 310 More Leads Per Month
  • 532% More Leads Per Month
  • <$13.00 Cost Per Lead

  • 2,473 vs 230 +976% FOUND Online Per Month (search engines, directories, maps)
  • 108 vs 10 +956% Visits to Digital Properties Per Month
  • <$4.00 vs $42.50 Cost Per Lead Per Month

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