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Many of our fyndyou bundles include a built-in CRM to help you get to know your customers better and manage your data across all of your business locations.

CRM for Multiple Locations
Part of the fyndyou Bundle

If you’re like most businesses today, you collect a lot of data on your customers. And if you have multiple locations that’s going to lead to even more information that you’ll need to find something to do with.

That why we’ve included a built-in CRM with many of our fyndyou bundles. With this technology, you’ll be able to harness the full power of all the information you collect from your customers.

What is a CRM?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps you manage and organize all of your customer data across all your locations.

Let’s say a potential customer gives you their business card. What do you do with that information? You could file the business card away, but you risk losing it. Or you could enter the information into your phone or a spreadsheet, but it’s not always easy to find that data later when you need it.

Instead, simply enter all of your customer information into a CRM. With this centralized online hub, you can store customers’ names, phone numbers, emails, addresses, and more. You can also add notes and tags to help you remember important information about them.

Why Use a CRM?

CRMs are designed to help you improve your customer relationships. They make it easier to keep track of your leads, manage your accounts, and effectively target your customers with promotions.

Using a CRM will allow you to:

  • Keep your customer contact details up to date.
  • Track all of your customer interactions.
  • Turn your data into actionable insights.

What Can You Do with fyndyou’s CRM?

To help you get the most out of your online marketing, we’ve included a CRM with many of our fyndyou bundles that can be accessed from your dashboard. With this system you’ll be able to:

  • Keep Track of Your Customers:Store, manage, and sort your leads from all your locations in one centralized hub.
  • Know Your Clients Better:Access all of your customers’ history, appointments, payments, invoices, documents, and conversations.
  • Get the Information You Need When You Need It: Our cloud-based technology means you can access your customer data whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Collaborate with Your Team:Easily assign leads, customers, and appointments to your team members.

Why it’s Important for Businesses with Multiple Locations

When you’re collecting data from multiple locations it’s even more important to develop a system to keep things organized. Otherwise, you may lose track of what location certain customers came from, or hot leads could get lost in the shuffle and never get followed up on.

By using a CRM, you can keep track of the data for all your locations. Always know which location a customer came from and easily assign leads to your team to increase your chances of turning them into sales.

Bringing it All Together

fyndyou’s proprietary combination of unique marketing systems and strategies work together to make the program so successful.

We’ve included a CRM system with many of our multiple location fyndyou bundles as it helps you get the most out of the leads you generate through SEO, PPC, and other marketing initiatives. When combined with the other components of fyndyou you’ll see a massive improvement in your online marketing.

Our Methodology

fyndyou employs a five-step process to make sure all components of your program come together in the most powerful fashion:

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